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One size does not fit all...


Are you frustrated with all the conflicting information on what is "keto" and what isn't?


Has your progress stalled or plateaued and you can't seem to find that break-through?


The key is learning what works for YOUR body - the right foods in the right amounts that put and keep your body in it's OPTIMAL FAT BURNING state!

Our 20 plus years of experience with the Ketogenic and Low Carb Lifestyles will help you cut through all the red tape to fast-track your keto journey!




√  Discover YOUR optimal foods, target

    numbers, and routines! 

√  Break dreaded stalls & plateaus!

√  Jumpstart your Keto Journey today!

Join Our Program

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√   Access to your coach M-F, 9-6. 

√   Proven Jumpstart Methods.

√   Client Portal with recipes &

     weight loss tools!

√   Private Facebook Page.

√   Recommendations for meals

     at home and out and about.

Health Helps

Medical Prescription

√  Insulin Sensitivity / Diabetes

√  Hormonal Imbalances

√  Gut / Microbiome Health

√  Stress / Cortisol

√  Inflammation

√  Brain Fog & Low Energy

Keto & Beyond!

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√  From Keto to Low Carb -  

    safely add foods you love!

√  Quickly bounce back from    

    holidays, feasts and cheats!

√  Weekly routines & travel tips

     to help you stay on track! 


√   Lifetime weight-loss tools!

Mindset Strategies


√  Encouragement to help you

    create a healthy mindset.

√  Recognize self-sabotaging

    behaviors and patterns.

√  Guidance on mindful eating


√  Instruction and tips on the 

    importance of self-care.

Foods & Recipes

We're happy to share our basic list of acceptable ketogenic, gluten free, and low-carb foods!

Just remember, what may work for some, may not work for you!

You are unique in what your body needs (and doesn't need), so if you hit a snag, we can help! 

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Your Success Story

This is YOUR health. This is YOUR journey. 

This is Your Story.

Somewhere in the deep recesses of your mind, you can see and feel the real you

For this moment, close your eyes and... 


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Enrollment is OPEN!

Due to demand and the one-on-one nature of the Keto Coach program, we only allow a certain amount of clients to be on the program at any given time. 

Free yourself from diet fads and weight loss trends for life! Let us help you save time and money, and expedite your weight loss and wellness efforts!

Contact Keto Coach today!

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Meet Our Founder

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Loralyn Hamilton

Founder & Nutritional Consultant

Loralyn Hamilton is the founder and executive head coach of Keto Coach LLC. She is a published author and holds a bachelor’s degree in Organizational Leadership from Southern Nazarene University. ​

Loralyn and her team have over 24 years of experience with the ketogenic protocol and low-carb lifestyles. They have developed proprietary methods which help to expedite ketosis, reduce detox/keto flu symptoms, reset and regulate hormones, and achieve weight loss and wellness goals.

It is her passion and the founding mission of Keto Coach LLC to free clients from the chains of diet fads, unnecessary medical interventions, and spiritual strongholds by teaching weight loss, weight management, and stress management, through a holistic wellness approach.