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I've lost 90 Pounds so far! 10 to 100 - my ultimate goal!

Becky Clinton

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I lost 50 Pounds!

Suzy Farmer

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38 Pounds &

Sleeping through the night!

Julie Crum

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I lost 50 Pounds!

Robin Haley

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30 lbs Down!

Julie Haines

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Meet Our Founder &
Executive Coach!

Loralyn Hamilton is the founder and executive head coach of Keto Coach LLC. She is a published author and holds a bachelor’s degree in Organizational Leadership from Southern Nazarene University. 


Loralyn and her team have over 24 years of experience with the ketogenic and low carb lifestyles.  In March 2010, she was featured in the book The New Atkins for a New You where she provided her 13-year testimony of living the ketogenic lifestyle. 

Loralyn and her team have developed proprietary methods which help to expedite ketosis, reduce detox/keto flu symptoms, reset and regulate hormones, and assist the body in quickly adapting to it's new fuel source.

Loralyn Hamilton, Founder & Executive Coach
Loralyn Hamilton
Founder & Executive Head Coach

It is her passion and the founding mission of Keto Coach LLC to free clients from the chains of diet fads, unnecessary medical interventions and spiritual strongholds by teaching weight loss, weight management, and stress management, through a holistic wellness approach.

Keto Coach LLC is based out of Oklahoma City, OK. and provides private coaching, counseling and spiritual guidance services to clients worldwide, from a holistic approach towards mind, body and spirit, to assist in expediting and achieving weight loss and wellness goals.

"See and feel the real you.

For this moment close your eyes and... imagine."

Loralyn Hamilton, Founder & Executive Coach