Becky Lost 90 lbs...

Becky Before and After 90 Pounds.jpg

Happy Valentines Day❣️ February 5 was my Ketoversary with Ms. Loralyn Hamilton & what a year it has been! I’m soooo thankful we reconnected. With her help & guidance today I can officially say I’m 90 lbs down!!! This 10 lbs was a hard fought battle but I persevered. Onto the next 10 & my ultimate goal of 100 lbs lost. 👊🏻

I don’t like to take pictures much less post them but I was inspired by my friend Kerissa Holsten. It doesn’t matter that we didn’t take the same path on our our journey. What matters is we chose to start the journey!  Becky Clinton, 2019

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Suzy Lost 50lbs...

Suzy Farmer - Then and Now.jpg

Thanks to KetoCoachOKC, my 6 months totals: 50 lbs & 21.75" removed! I could not have done it without Loralyn's caring,

wisdom & knowledge. These results are without any keto supplements from ANY company. Just real food. 

Since my body is recovering from complicated imbalances, I haven't even exercised to get these results. I do feel like I could walk and lift light weights now. The best part of Keto is no sugar cravings. Being a B blood type, I do need extra magnesium which is available in Lily's dark chocolate.

I love not being hungry all the time! I love fitting in my clothes. I love sleeping well. Thankful God has blessed me with Loralyn. Btw, I will be 55 this June. Hoping to reach my lifetime goal by then..." Suzy Farmer, 2018

Robin Lost 50 lbs...

Robin Haley before and after.jpg

“I am amazed that the ONLY thing I have changed is my diet (I am not proud to admit this but I have NOT exercised at all) and I am down 50 lbs (11/15/17-7/15/18)! 


I am not hungry-I am satisfied, I eat only real food – no shakes, replacement meals, subscription based products of any kind) I eat dinner with my family every night, family/social events are not a problem.  I love that if an event is coming up I can reach out to Loralyn for a quick suggestion so that I always have a plan. 


After the first few weeks of starting KETO, I don’t crave the carb-y items anymore- that is a very nice feeling that I don’t even want the foods that don’t work well with my body.


I am person that needs just a touch of accountability, but I also really need someone I can talk things through with and KETOCOACH LLC/ Loralyn’s knowledge is priceless because she knows what to tweak to get your goals in sight – without the process of trial and error that I would have had to figure out on my own (any run the possibility of not figuring it out at all!) 

I need to understand the “why” reactions happen to stay true to the plan – and Loralyn gives me that information in a validated platform.  To me that is also priceless. 


I have learned that I have a clear cycle of food requirements based on my hormonal cycle (need more fats one week, not as many the next, etc.) I am not great a keeping everything logged but this plan has still worked for me. I am learning each day how different things affect our bodies and how to improve. 


My initial goals were to feel better, have more energy and to understand how to fuel my body efficiently (not for pleasure) – KETO COACH LLC has absolutely helped me obtain those goals….


Losing 50 pounds was  a bonus!” 

Julie C. Lost 38 lbs...

Julie Crum Before and After_edited.jpg

"You have no idea what this means to me! I’ve tried to do Keto several times. Sometimes I’ve GAINED weight! I don’t even know exactly what the difference is with having you guide me, but IT IS DIFFERENT!! I’m almost in tears! You have no idea how grateful I am!" Julie Crum 12-18-17

"I love that I’m not craving sweets, and I’m a little shocked! If you know me well, you know how much I LOOOOVE dessert! It’s always been my favorite part of any meal. Since starting real Keto eating thanks to Loralyn Hamilton’s coaching, I’ve gone off sugar!"

Julie Crum 12-21-17

"Sister - I noticed today - I am waking up REFRESHED, not exhausted!! This is HUGE for me!!"  - Julie Crum 12-22-17

"YOU GUYS!! I have lost 15 pounds in the 7 weeks that I’ve been working with Loralyn Hamilton. I am THRILLED! I’m not starving, I don’t have to do crazy hard workouts, I eat GOOD FOOD, and I feel great!! I still want to lose at least 15 more, but I have been in such a frustrating place with weight loss for quite a while. I felt like nothing worked. Now I know what DOES! Thank you, Loralyn!!" Julie Crum 1-31-18

"EEEEEKK!!! This morning I hit my first goal! I’ve lost 20 pounds (and an extra .5) since I started Keto Coach with Loralyn! I still want to lose 15-20 more, but I’m SO THANKFUL! I feel better than I have in a long time!" Julie Crum 2-23-18

"I started Keto Coach with Loralyn on Dec. 11, 2017. I’ve lost 38 pounds, gone down 4 sizes, sleep better, have more energy, and have less pain!" Julie Wade Crum, 2018

Julie H. Lost 30 lbs...

Julie Haines - After Pic.JPG

"Since giving birth to my 3rd child and getting closer to 40 I’ve had about 30 extra lbs that I had trouble losing. I tried the keto diet once last summer on my own and had some success but still struggled. December of 2017 I saw a friend post about her keto coach, Loralyn. She seemed to being doing well on the keto diet since she had a coach helping her. I told my husband about it and together we started on January 2nd, 2018.


My goal was to hopefully lose as close to 30 lbs by March- my birthday month and when I turned 40! I’m excited to say I met my goal by my 40th Birthday. So about 30 lbs in 2 and 1/2 months! It’s now July and I’m still on keto and I’ve maintained that weight loss! I also have more energy than before keto! I also started spin classes, and a boot camp class once a week. My classes are all at 5 am so I have to get up about 4:30 to get there. Never before keto would I have been able to get up that early and still have lots of energy for spin or boot camp! I feel like keto has been the easiest eating plan to follow and my husband loves it too! It was wonderful having a coach guide us in our journey and help keep us accountable to our goals! We could not have done it without Loralyn!!"

Christi Perrin & Gratitude...

"Extreme Gratitude out to Coach Loralyn for your faithfulness, patience, and due diligence! OUTSTANDING!! January 16th was my actual start day. I try and weigh only once a week. This week was my second-month marker and I am a solid 15lbs gone as of March 18th! Whoo Hoo!!  :-D Our entire family has eaten a predominately lower carb, higher protein, MCT oil, keto friendly diet for quite some time. I can absolutely testify to the fact, it is the private coaching, that has opened up the detailed process of actual weight loss. I completely believe we have eaten very well regarding our hearts, body, and especially our BRAINS. However, the weight loss is quite different journey. Looking FORWARD to the next marker in time! Thank you friend!"


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